Welcome to the Stitch's Adventure Club

We are unofficial ambassadors of Disney’s favorite Trouble Maker, Stitch, from the 2002  summer smash and Academy Award Nominated Animated feature Lilo and Stitch.

This Club was formed in 2002, to honor Stitch. It is lead by Stitch’s human followers, who are honorary experiments, Scorch (exp 666) and Mayhem (exp 669). Their E-arth titles are: Stitch Wranglers. Scorch and Mayhem, in real life are former Disney Cast Members and best friends who love Stitch. They wanted a forum to continue creating Disney Magic for Disney fans all over the world, especially children (and for themselves) and promote their favorite animated character, Stitch.

They, as Stitch Wranglers, consider Stitch “Ohana”, and take him on on all sorts of wild adventures in interesting places and allow him to schmooze with all kinds of people. They are also his press agents too.

So please join Scorch, Mayhem, and Stitch in sharing their cool adventures, stories, pictures, and Disney Magic, with Stitch’s Adventure Club.


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Club Definitions:

Wrangler - a movie term used for a person that handles wild animals on a movie or TV set. Stitch is a little WILD.

Stitch - The cute and fluffy blue alien/dog.

Stitch Wrangler- someone that wrangles Stitch (or at least tries to).

Stitch Wrangler Duties:
1)They make sure Stitch is where he is suppose to be
2) They watch out for the welfare and safety  of Stitch during stunts and from his loving public
3) They makes sure his wardrobe is appropriate for all occasions
4) They are his Publicity Team
5) They make sure that he is fed coconut cake and coffee daily
6) Attempt to create Disney Magic with every interaction

Stitchineering - a term created by our club, based on Disney's Imagineering. Stitch + Engineering (since his crew has to make some interesting contraptions for his safety and some on the spot wardrobe making-even out of scotch tape....long story).

Imagineering - A Disney term used to describe the process of Imagination and Engineering all rolled up in one. Thanks Uncle Walt!

Our Club Motto: "Risk Takers, Trouble Makers, and Rule Breakers"