Team Stitch consists mainly of Wrangler Scorch and Wrangler Mayhem, with a few part time supporting cast, whom have not selected their code names yet and have not approved to want to share online (yet).

Wrangler Scorch

Wrangler Scorch is the Director of Photography of Team Stitch and  a hodge-podge-ologist that likes to do all kinds of things. Scorch likes to travel, take photos, pin trading  and lots of things related to Disney. But more importantly Scorch likes to  educate children about being kind, travel and the wonders of the world.

Wrangler Mayhem

 Wrangler Mayhem is the Head Risk Taker of the bunch.  Meaning, Mayhem is in charge of Stitch’s stunts.  Mayhem is also a hodge-podge-ologist, but mainly of trivia. Mayhem collects Disney stuff, likes travel, photography and pins of all kinds. A hidden talent of Wrangler Mayhem is that of communicating with squirrels.


Stitch is the Star, and the reason we are here.  The cute and fluffy one. Stitch is loved by men, women and children EVERYWHERE. Stitch’s role is to eat coconut cake and coffee, be cute and fluffy, and a goodwill ambassador to fun, mischief and Disney.  And to be a cute photo subject as well.